A-crafting We Will Go

Two of the crafts I made at the Becoming an Outdoors-woman weekend--alligator gar scale earrings and a raffia necklace of deer antler cookies and a wood burned with an acorn motif--left me quite ashamed of my poor handcrafting skills.

my jewelry crafts, before do-over
It was childish looking, at best, and all-around highly unprofessional...particularly in view of some other students' efforts. ^^;

I remember that, as the class began and the instructor showed us samples of her projects we could make, and use as inspiration, I became more and more flustered. I realized I was well over my head.

After the class, which I couldn't wait to run out of, I vowed to do-over, and soon, in order to salvage what remained of my crafting self-esteem. I guess the class sort of caught me by surprise. I haven't delved in handicrafts in quite some time.

Yesterday was a day of good fortune for this promised project, as I serendipitously ended up at Jo-Ann's crafts and fabrics store.

After a thorough look-around in the store, which seems to have been recently reorganized, I was able to obtain good-sized silver-tone jump rings, a jump ring linking ring, some length of black leather cording with spring/lobster closures, and a silver lobster closure (for another project).

Yesterday evening I finally had some spare time available, and a perfect chance to apply myself to my do-over.

my jewelry crafts, post do-over

I'm just much happier with the results. The earrings look much better with the silver-tone jump rings, versus the black thread, and less cluttered without the wood beads. The necklace looks much more at home in black leather cording, with proper closures, than with a roughly-tied and very unpractical raffia string.

Although these are by no means professional-quality results, it inspired some hope. Hope to continue experimenting with crafts and thinking of possible fun projects around the home--much like I used to do on boring high school and college summers.

If anything at all, I learned a valuable lesson from this crafting exercise and do-over. Crafting is another of those artistic flow experiences which can't be rushed, and must be nurtured through observation and experimentation. I reconnected with my love of handicrafts.

In a similar vein, on my list of summer personal development tasks, I'm planning on taking at least one sewing class at Jo-Ann's, so I can finally put my Singer to use.

I bought the machine several years ago and never really learned to properly use it. Attempts to coerce, entreat, and entice my mom to sit with me on some boring afternoons to teach me, failed miserably and left me stranded.

Luckily for me, Jo-Ann's has a number of excellent sewing classes for about $35-$45 a pop, this July. I'm planning on taking a few even though I feel the cost of the class is a little high--but, the sewing skills I'll be able to learn by taking the class(es) are handy in the long-term.

Here's to crafty people everywhere! I admire your creativity and inventiveness. Cheers.