Personal Landmarks: A Celebratory Summer Kick-Off

This week is my 3rd month anniversary since I picked up yoga. I'm really excited about my twice-weekly, and hopefully soon thrice-weekly classes. The crowd is a variety of body sizes and experience levels, and the three instructors I've been led by thus far, have all had amazing strong points and shared lessons to take to heart.

This weekend is also the weekend I'll be out in the wilderness pursuing all the lessons I can learn from Becoming an Outdoors-Woman in Oregon IL. I'm really stoked about having been signed up for all the classes I was most interested in: reading the woods, medicinal plants, outdoors crafts, and edible plants. I've never been camping but have always been very attracted by the woods and plants everywhere I've ever lived. Can't wait!

Next week is the significant-other unit and my 8th year anniversary. Hard to believe we've gotten used to the weight of the ball and chain in such a short span of time XD All joking aside, it's been a sometimes fun, sometimes serious learning opportunity that can only be a good thing moving forward.

Next week is also the 8th anniversary since I took over coordination of one of our company's annual research report's press conference in Washington DC. I usually love being able to walk among DC denizens while  whittling the afternoon away before the VIP dinner and then an early bed time to prep bright and early for the press conference the next day. It's a great event, for a great research report that brings a lot of value to our members, researchers, and reporters alike.

It's fun to have annual things to look forward to, especially in this nicer, warmer weather. Any opportunity to celebrate and smile is worth it, no matter how small or large!