Aurora Downtown Alive: Fan Favorites

I am always happy to attend a local music/food event. It was no different this weekend, for Aurora's Downtown Alive concert series' Fan Favorites--featuring American English.

American English is a Beatles cover band, which I've previously seen and heard at Lisle Eyes to the Skies as well as Naperville's Last Fling events. They're a great cover band and usually do a wonderful job.

I was surprised to see the Fan Favorites event was about 1/2 to 1/4 as large as the Blues on the Fox was, in that parking lot off of the Fox River.

IMHO this parking lot is well-aerated due to the fully open field it is located in, and the River on one side provides some great views. The city to the back provides a nice skyscape--even if you do see the back of Hollywood Casino and their new sign. I feel much safer here than on the over-crowded Galena Blvd. bridge which is where the festival used to be.

I definitely enjoyed the vintage cars outside the festival, but I wondered what some new Camaros and Corvettes were doing there?

All around, it was a good time for the hubby and I. Yes! I did manage to convince him to join me this time.

Anywho. Here are some pix I took of the event. I can't wait for August's  Rock on the Fox (August 12) when 28 Days and 7th Heaven come visit us.