New Favorite: Cadiz Cup

I had the opportunity to visit a nearby Anthropologie store this past Sunday, as I gallivanted and caught up with a good friend.

Anthropologie's Cadiz Cup
with Twinings Ginger/Lemon tisane
I fell in love with this Cadiz Cup (in green) and haven't looked back since. At only $10, it's both delicate and feminine, as it is rustic and solid. It's helped me as I recover from a terrible head cold.
Adorable flower accent

I've been sipping soothing hot ginger tea, both Twinings Lemon/Ginger tisane, or freshly homemade MMM

My new cup aids my recovery via a constant reminder of the sunnier side of things. I peruse and follow the flowery motif, as my hands absorb the comforting warmth.

The meditation continues with each sip as the flower motif continues inside the cup well.

Sometimes, the most unexpected can bring the most amazing little joys in life. Always keep your eyes open for the next opportunity to smile.