Yoga and General Update

It's been a hellacious week. Friday 4:00 pm CT cannot, I repeat CANNOT, come fast enough.

All my projects are hopping this week and the number of people I need to speak with, email with, meet with, or otherwise interact with, plus all the deliverables, questions, documents, reports, and updates are totally wearing me down.

This is a typical pre-conference week, and it's old hat. It's just a little "whoa!" when it actually hits each year. And it's always at different times during summer that this happens.

So what am I doing about it? How does someone maintain balance? Is there such a thing as balance under these crazy circumstances?

To start with I'm prioritizing, listing, bullet pointing, and putting in lots and lots of elbow grease.

To keep my health in gear, I'm not missing my three-a-weekly yoga classes, and getting in a fourth one if I can manage it. I'm also walking several times a night with Young Master Benny, the Baying Hound. And many times with the significant-other unit if he comes home before 9 pm. The evening's cooler and perhaps a little less humid than during the day.

Sometimes, I walk around the office building parking lots during my lunch hour, while I speak to my grandmother--who's recent health scare is still reverberating through me. I seriously freaked out. My parents had to rush over and take her to the hospital. It was NOT a fun situation to go through. God willing she's all good now, just like the docs said. She sure likes my almost-daily calls :) Every day she's there, every minute we talk on the phone is a blessing and a miracle.

I also keep adding tons of fruit and vegetables to my meals. I have a vegetable and fruit smoothie ever day for breakfast and sometimes for dinner. These smoothies are HUGE. I end up having 2-3 glasses worth, which keeps me filled for almost half a day. I'm still having a hard time inserting protein, but with an organic hemp protein powder I'm adding to my smoothies, I'm getting there. My weight loss and nutrition is a health project in progress.

Best of all, I've learned to quickly ignore other people's overreactions, drama, and politics much sooner than I used to. I actually am surprised when other people have irrational outbursts and reactions, I kinda look at them funny rather than feel empathic and suffer under the weight of the drain.

I have learned to sync my breath to my yoga practice a little better than when I first started four months ago, and I obtain peace after a few minutes of deep, pranayama breathing exercises. And nothing beats sweating to some good yoga during class.

It's a heavy summer, both weather-wise and work-wise, but I'm building a foundation and some immunity for surviving it all and, perhaps if I'm lucky, coming out the other end a champ!