From AAA to Loser?

I can’t help but compare and contrast the need to “win” and being ranked AAA versus the need to be all that we can be. 

Is there any point to keeping up with a “ranking” that some company decided to apply to the US? Also, there are two wars raging, and they have been raging for several years now. Maybe a low ranking comes with the territory? 

Are we all so surprised we've experienced a "double dip" recession? Did we ever really get out of the first recession in the first place?

Wall street is an inflated, artificially sustained environment. It's based on nothing but speculation. Rankings are just a way for a particular group of people to be able to label and classify something. All of these things are subjective.

Let's remember we're not based in the gold standard anymore, and creating a system that thrives on fluctuation, on purpose, is detrimental to the big picture and yet very beneficial to a select few. Maybe that's what's going on here, the agendas of the few and the proud?

Although ACT tests are so important to gaining access our preferred colleges, which may impact our future profitability and careers…access to higher ranked colleges versus a lower ranked college certainly doesn’t limit what we’re capable of achieving—showing what stuff we’re made of. Just look at college dropouts like Bill Gates.

Are we losing sight of what’s really important? Did we ever have a strong hold on our priorities?