On The Run With Paul McCartney

I was shocked, shaking, and uber-enthused when I found out that I miraculously won tickets to Paul McCartney's second show, in a two show run, at Wrigley Field, via a contest that took place from Twitter.

There's no better way to approach the coming weekend, than to find out on a Thursday afternoon at work that you won such an amazing prize. I was left none other than with a humongous grin and far-away,  dreamy eyes for the entire day.

The concert was a two-day show event, and we got tickets for the last night, Monday, August 1.

Just going to Wrigley Field for a music event was a phenomenal experience. The crowd was almost double what we saw on two different visits to see Chicago's own Cubs playing.

I dragged the significant-other unit to the concert last night and we had a rockin' good time.

Fans of all ages congregated outside the gates, sweaty and light-headed from the heat, but eager to eavesdrop on the sound check.

Shirts commemorating Sir Paul, the Beatles, and Wings sashayed around me by individuals of all ages and sizes.

Here's some pictures I snapped while at the show, and that I've uploaded to an album on Flickr.

Needless to say, the experience was spectacular.

Sir Paul is in amazing shape both physically and musically. He was able to carry several songs on his own with a guitar while his band rested, and held up incredibly well to a full-rocking complement during the livelier tunes. He saw, was there during, and made happen some amazing landmarks in the music industry.

The excellent graphics and movie clips selected to go along with the show only highlighted the historical and musical relevance that Sir Paul carries with him.

A truly amazing experience. Many thanks to the uber-kind folks at The Local Tourist for hosting this giveaway and for awarding me out of all the people who participated!