Thinking About Intentions

Lately I've revisited my thoughts about offices, coworkers, and priorities. What is an intention and how do people go about acting on an intention?

Sometimes, you can reverse-engineer what someone's intention is, based on their actions. Sometimes these actions are harmful to those around the actor. That kind of sucks.

I've begun feeling work stress worsen lately. This is the busy season and it's no surprise. But, either because of this stress or to deflect this stress, I began noticing how people behave in the office and trying to figure out why some people do the things they do. Sometimes seemingly against all odds.

I try to observe without applying value judgements, but sometimes, things get too close to me and I get testy. It's only natural.

When workload and personal stresses/stressors overload our natural, healthy margin it's only natural one should become a little impatient, nervous, anxious, and/or exhausted. And punchy, let's not forget punchy.

Hopefully I'm noticing earlier when I'm heading down this road and can take preventive action, in time, to curtail burnout.

I've gotten better at detecting my own tilt signals, and I'm sure that with practice I'll get better at adding more rest to the mix, to help increase my patience, and being able to know when to step back more often.

I've actually learned to say no, and not have guilt over it anymore. It's taken me a long time. But it's worth my health and it's worth the higher quality standard that I'm able to apply to my other tasks and responsibilities.

Meanwhile, I've adopted a new reminder, at work, of what I need to do when the getting gets a little tougher than I'd like it:

Intentions are always good, but visual cues work very well for me.

I've also added a little reminder of what's really important at the end of the day, this photo in black and white:

Balance here we come, or at least, here we try. Cheers!