Today's Many Pressures

Are you green? Sustainable? Earth friendly? Is your toiled disinfectant biodegradable?

Do you ever feel bad for having a huge house and expensive car when your neighbors and friends are downsizing?

Do you feel bad for having a small bungalow instead of a spread-out estate, with a pool boy cabana? A sixteen car garage perhaps?

Do you ever feel the pressure to be more outgoing, sign up for more volunteer/after-work/after-school commitments?

Do you wish you could be more zen and kick it at home with family and friends? Do you wish you could have pizza nights and play uno or monopoly--like the old days?

Do you feel the pressure of your friends who have budding families, while you are childless? Do you feel the pressure of your single/divorced/rebel friends who live the single lifestyle?

Stop comparing. Take a deep breath.

Do what your heart tells you to do, whatever it is. Be true to yourself.

People are always happy to provide us gratituous advice, that although well-meaning, usually is just a kick in the gut.

An excellent skill to develop is half hearing advice with one ear open, and one ear closed.

Do what inspires and stokes you, what pumps up the little flame of passion inside of you.

Don't ever assume what others want of you, putting undue pressure on yourself.

Just be.