All Sewed Up

On Sunday I had the pleasure of finally going to my first ever sewing class, a Sewing 101 class held by Jo-Ann Fabrics.

I was nervous to begin with, but the incredibly knowledgeable instructor (Lisa B.) totally put all of us at ease. From starting a bobbin to threading the machine, and then learning to sew straight (straightish in my case) lines, and seams it was an all around informative and easy transformation from non-sewer to "I can do it!"

Our project for the day was sewing a pillow case. I haven't yet taken a picture of my pillow case.I didn't realize we were making a pillow case, so the charcoal gray fabric I chose was probably not the best. I am actually thinking of re-purposing the fabric.

I've spent every night looking through pattern manufacturer websites, blogs, and YouTube tutorials to figure out what I want to do, and how to visualize projects correctly.

I'm very excited that what I learned in the class has now helped me understand the two sewing books I own! Go figure. And I only waited 3 years to do this after buying a sewing machine! ^^;

I'm excited, but I want to make this a sustainable project/hobby, where I can keep the same level of enthusiasm throughout. I am planning to first finish reading the books I own, keep looking up interseting simple "first project" patterns and lessons, and then actually get into creating something.

I'm very interested in creating a tote bag or iPad (for me)/Kindle (for mom) cover, since these smaller projects use less material--and I already have one yard of material on hand.

Yey! For learning new skills :D

Useful links:
  • Learn about classes that Jo-Ann Fabrics offers, and find out where your nearest store (and its events) are. Jo-Ann's flyers have great discounts, and once a month they have a discounted registration "open house" where classes are 50% off.
  • A number of pattern manufacturers have incredibly useful resources on their websites. Try BurdaStyle, Simplicity, and McCalls.
  • Search for "learn to sew" or "sewing tutorial" on YouTube and you'll find much more than you ever imagined. Follow tutors who create types of projects you find the most interesting, or who provide useful tutorials on a periodical basis.