I'm actually getting a little lighthearted at the thought of Halloween popping up our way soon. Alas, this year, it falls on a Monday, but that still makes it fun in my book.

One of my all-time favorite things to do near or on Halloween is watch horror specials and movies. One of my old time favorites was A Disney Halloween--a compilation of old time shows and specials related to scary stuff a la Disney.

While watching this special, year-to-year, I always looked forward to the Night on Bald Mountain segment, borrowed from Fantasia. The story closely correlated to a fable from an area where my grandmother is from, in Italy, and it was just a lot of juicy scary fun.

This year, I haven't really watched much TV, so I've probably missed a good part of the scary stuff they've broadcast. I know that some years they're better than others, sometimes, it feels like the censors take over the airwaves to assure propriety of all citizens (a la 1984). For example, seeing the censored version of Carrie, or many other ultraviolent movies is not really much fun, nor satisfying.

I did spot a couple of fun ones on ABC Family, but have been lazy about following up to my old favorites. Like AMC, that's always a safe bet for seriously scary stuff. Check out AMC's Best Horror Movies and Horror Movie Rankings Guide for a kick--it even includes soundtracks!

I am going to start looking for Halloween specials, shows, and movies. Here's a brief rundown of resources, in case you're interested too: