A Note on Conservative People

I don't like that conservative people are so stiff, it makes me think they're unoriginal, or non-authentic. It might just be my frame of reference.

When a man treats a woman badly, I see the 1940s and 1950s when domesticity and sexual roles were strict and to be followed, to the letter.

In my particular case, however, following rules because, else, I may risk social isolation and peer pressure, or even ridicule, is a completely foreign concept. Not that I haven't gone through it, it's just that I'm completely and organically numb to it, and always have been. I'm weird that way.

Some cultures believe that during each lifetime we're to gather important lessons and experiences to make us a little more complete, until reaching total self actualization. These individuals, the traditionals who won't budge in their ways and means, move perhaps a little more slowly towards their potential. They may take longer to learn valuable life and existential lessons, or skip out on some altogether.

As any proper Italian, I love to provide constructive criticism, and plenty of it mind you. Though it's tough to look at oneself as "objectively" and be able to snap out of "obvious" repeating loops and negative patterns. Isn't it?

Then again, these strange creatures called conservative people make the world richer by just being in it. As they grow in lessons, however slowly, they grow nonetheless. They paint broad or narrow strokes in their own, strict set of colors. And that's something we should all be thankful for, the growth that is.

So thank you for being a conservative stiff, dear conservative stiff people. Whomever and wherever you are.