Uncle's Visit

My uncle Mario, dad's brother, came to visit us for two weeks. Sadly, the first week he was here I was in Philadelphia working at our company's conference. But Sunday we had a great day in downtown Chicago.

We visited Willis *cough*Sears*cough*Tower and Millennium Park. Plus we drove around a bit. We also drove around Naperville and ate our lunch and dinner together.

It was all around the most time I've ever spent with my dad and uncle, and the first time I've ever gone out with both of them. And it is my uncle's first visit to the US too. So it's a family record memory that we all surely will hold dear for years to come.

Today, since I was able to get a comp day at work for having worked a marathon rather long weekend at the conference, I got a day off. I'm planning on taking my dad and uncle to the Morton Arboretum, where we can join in celebrating the autumn festival. I'm sure it'll be another fun day. Looking forward to it.


Here's some photos I captured during our outing yesterday.