New Watch: Skagen Solar

I had just finished enjoying a gin and tonic which was more gin than tonic, and I'm blaming that for the purchase...but I bought a Skagen solar watch to go along with my automatic watch collection. The joys of on-flight Duty Free...

I've been getting Citizen Eco-Drive watches since 2009. As a matter of fact, these are the only watches I've been buying.

I was completely bedazzled/enraptured by the amazing fact that I no longer need to get batteries replaced, nor wank wind an automatic watch for hours on end until the darn thing starts going again at a good pace.

Solar watches are awesome. You just wear them and that's it. They're always accurate, never need winding, and will never suffer the agony of a cracked crystal due to a battery replacement snafu.

I'm all in. If this was stock, I'd be a majority holder.

You can find out more about my particular Solar watch on the Skagen website. It's a huge, men's watch but I have a way of working masculine pieces into my style on occasion, and successfully carry them off ^^