Pegli, a Casa

I'm going to visit my very ill grandmother this Saturday. I've got my ticket thanks to my very generous dad, and I started packing tonight. I wish vacation time from work would be under a lighter heart, but being able to see my grandma while she's still with us is something I treasure.

I keep abreast of most things related to grandmama thanks to my mom, who has been helping grandma get along and get taken care of.

Meanwhile, I decided I should spend the evening perusing Flickr photos for Pegli, while eating dinner (poached eggs and asian inspired broccoli, with chopsticks no less). Here are the results of a search on Flickr for Pegli, sorted by most recent photos.

I know I'm biased, but very few places look as deliciously happy and gorgeously homey as Pegli does for me.

On my Flickr photo perusal adventure, I happend on a photo of a plaque outside a building. The building is where famed singer and song-writer, Fabrizio de Andre, was born. I hadn't a clue we had a singer! Who is this guy? I went immediately on wiki and then YouTube.

I like the anarchist tones, themes, and melody. It's both harsh and lovely at the same time. Sadly, Mr. de Andre died in 1999 from lung cancer. He was an amazing creative force, and I'm glad to see that many remember him fondly for his gifts and for granting us the opportunity to think a little deeper about what's going on around us.

I'm really happy to have found a fifth Italian singer (afte Nek, Laura Pausini, Zucchero, and Vasco Rossi) that I don't mind listening to. It took me a long time to start listening to Italian music. I dont know why. But I'm glad my tastes are changing.