TV Show and Movie Catch-Up

I had the opportunity to watch some different TV shows and movies while on my last trip. Good times.

I didn't realize Midsummer Murders (Inspector Barnaby) was so much fun. I caught an episode on the plane, and was hooked. Now I see what my mother sees in the show! :o) I immediately caught it onto my Netflix queue and began watching last night. Love it.

I also didn't realize Discovery Channel made very nice documentaries again, and not just phony historical drama re-enactments. I discovered their World's Most Expensive Rides documentary series, watching the first episode: Bugatti Veyron. I drooled and ogled to my heart's content.

I watched Thor, but wasn't impressed. I couldn't help but see the lead actor as a biker in Viking's clothing. And what's the idea about bringing one race's family issues into another realm just for grins and giggles? My only real interest was seeing the connection to the Iron Man and other comic book franchises. The connecting story line's like a little easter egg series. As a side note, I have a sense they're squeezing out these superhero movies against a tight timeline, and the quality of the story line and the acting can be a little testy at times.

I also discovered Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections. I didn't realize the other Top Gear guys also did documentaries, and not just Captain Slow (a.k.a., James May). My inaugural episode of the Hamster's series was the Millau Sky Bridge. Lovely! You can see video here.

In Italy I found a lovely, competition cooking show called Cuochi e Fiamme (Cooks and Flames) which was a lot of fun because the food they make is original and tasty enough to try at home. Thank ye gods for the judges, because the actual "host" is kind of a douche. He takes up too much of one of the cooks' time and basically distracts them too much.

I've also completed watching the Jekyll TV series from the BBC on my Netflix queue. I absolutely love how James Nesbitt takes Hyde to the very edge and brings him right back on a dime. That's talent. I loved his accent, besides. ^^ However, having said all that...it did feel a little long to get where it was going, and then rushed right up to the finale.

I also accidentally ran into Weird Science as a recommendation on Netflix, so I had to watch it. It's such a cute movie. Gotta love 80s geeks :)

I know I have a ton of things I should be reading, but I can't take my eyes off my Netflix lately. Even, so much so, that I completely forgot about Castle's new episode last night! Shame on me. :o(

I will have to look up the missed episodes since I was away last week, for my top favorite shows right now: Castle, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, and American Horror Story. Not to mention I've completely forgotten about Sanctuary and need to catch up. I think I'll have tons of things to keep me distracted this winter.