Antiquing We Will Go

On Christmas eve a friend and I went to Berwyn, IL to try our luck at a little antique shop that had advertised on Amazon Local.

We arrived at Exquisite Revisit (my Yelp review) just after lunch time, and entered to see what we could find. After a little perusing, past souvenir and antique/vintage glassware and table ware, and girdles (!), I finally spotted some Fiestaware jackpot items. I immediately grabbed a turquoise plate, a peachy small bowl, and then asked the nice owner lady to take down a yellow bowl from up on high. I was able to get the yellow bowl reduced because we may not know if it is really Fiesta, as it lacked the usual labeling on the bottom. All together, I spent just over $27 for three great pieces for my collection. I was especially happy with the turquoise plate because it goes with a small saucer I bought when I was in college, and the small peachy bowl was a design I was trying to find for ages.

The owner let us know she has a display at a nearby antique emporium in Forest Park, and that there would be plenty of restaurants there to try our luck for lunch. So we headed there next.

We arrived at the Forest Park Emporium (my Yelp review) with gurgling stomachs, but decided to press on after we found a great Sushi and Thai restaurant across the street, next door to a classic bakery and coffee shop. The Emporium had an amazing array of dishes and settings, as well as apparel, furniture, books and magazines, and toys. It's definitely a grand collection of various antique specialists. We decided to go eat, but when we got back to the Emporium they had closed for the day. I was a little sad, but their prices on some items led me to believe they were overpricing a little. For example, there was a Fiesta green mixing bowl that caught my eye, but that I put back on the shelf immediately upon seeing the price. It was probably part of a nesting set and it was being priced exorbitantly.

On our way back home we took a detour to visit Naperville's Affordable Antiques & More, where I found a great drawer dresser for my bedroom, that I may need to revisit soon and finalize whether I want it or not. Their odds and ends sale room is a spectacular treasure trove of excellently priced items. There's a lovely kitchen table and chairs that I keep giving a thought to, but that I'm afraid I won't be getting in the end. They also have a ton of recent fiesta pieces in this room. The space in this store can be considered cluttered by some, but to me it s invitingly arranged. There are many excellent pieces of vintage and antique furniture, as well as jewelry and a little bit of apparel here and there.

More recently, I happened on a little antique shop when I was least expecting it as I drove back home from Harner's in North Aurora. The little but amazingly well stocked Past and Present Shoppe is another store which features displays of collectibles and vintage items from other sellers. I found a spectacular, vintage and repainted white three-drawer dresser for my kitchen. I didn't like the drawer pulls (green and white and a little crazy) so I asked and was able to obtain a considerable discount on the piece. Best of all, once the drawers were taken off, it was a breeze to place in my car's cargo area. The piece turned out to be much more solid than anticipated, as it is solid wood. One of the best features are the outward tilting legs. I'm now on the search for some decent drawer pulls, but I may very well end up making my own if I don't find any at a good price point. I don't really want the cost of the new pulls to exceed the discount I got on the piece. We'll see what I can pull together.

So now, of course, I'm planning on listing a variety of antique shops in my area and making pilgrimages to each in a very near future. I think this is an excellent way to spend chilly winter weekends, and I know that I won't spend a cent unless I really find something that moves me. This is a great hobby all of a sudden ^^ but I will need to start taking a ton of photos to go along with my posts, as just writing about my discoveries isn't as helpful as seeing things visually. Will snap to action, if you will ^^;

Cheers and happy antiquing!