Counteracting The Winter Blahs

I can always tell when I'm entering "winter" because I start getting the blahs at around September. Kind of around the time when I can feel a change in the season.

So what to do about it? I'm going to try bath and aroma therapy this year.

I received a Lush catalog earlier this fall and, don't know where I've put it, but I looked at it very closely from cover to cover. My interest in their products arose yet again, in years, and I even reviewed every video they've posted to YouTube. I love their attitude and personality, and the natural, hand-made products. Their aroma collection and packaging can't be beat.

I've set aside Saturday (tomorrow) to go to Oakbrook Shopping Center in the middle of holiday shopping's high season -- yes I'm mad -- and visiting the little Lush area inside the Macy's there.

I'm planning on purchasing one or two bath bombs and perhaps either a soap or a body wash for the shower (or both?) in themes and aromas that soothe, calm, wrap you in loving care, and take away the winter blahs. I know they have several items that help soothe you as you get ready to go to sleep.

Although I'm not a bath person, at all, I even went out and bought bathtub cleaner and a new sponge, to show how earnest I am about following up with this project.

Wish me luck, as I'll surely need it to find a blessed parking space alone! And I'll surely follow up with reviews on the products I come away with, from the Lush store, on my beauty and health blog. I'll cross link here so you can read if you'd like.