New Favorites: Bath Bombs and Ambient Music

Awesome little discovery of mine, the joy that a bath tub soak, some ambient music, and candlelight can bring my poor, over-saturated bones and senses.

I'm particularly enraptured by ambien music streams online (Last.fm, Pandora, Shoutcasts, etc.), streamed to my bath tub (as in my case) thanks to my nearby (and dry!) MacBook Pro. I forgot how much I missed ambient music, and reminisced about my days hearing that kind of music on the old mp3.com for hours on end back in '98 and '99.

With a lovely bath bomb I got from Whole Foods by Hugo's Naturals or one of my all time favorites by Amanda's Naturals on Etsy. Now that's what I call a totally de-stressing soak. Ahhh. :)

Sweet dreams.