Self Improvement Via Bookkeeping

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for an accounting for non-financial people seminar for late February. I'm planning on making 2012 the most financially precise year I've had to date, both personally and professionally.

Photo: Kirktaxconsultant on Flickr
What on earth do I mean by "financially precise?"  Well, I have been increasingly diligent in maintaining good personal budgeting and financial records over 2011. I want to make sure 2012 is even more so.

Practicing good personal financial "hygiene" translates well to your organizational and budgeting skills at work.

Having already taken at least three accounting classes in my long school-going history, and hating every minute of it, the seminar I signed up for will serve as a much-needed refresher of the guidelines behind correct bookkeeping and budgeting.

To help give me a little advantage, ahead of the seminar, I've searched online and found a great tutorial (Learn Accounting & Bookkeeping for Free) website. I'm only on the first intro page, but I'm loving it! The person who wrote this seems to have a knack for instructing others clearly. I'm enthused and ready to get at the meat! Let's see how long I can keep this up for ^^;

I can be a little anal about the discomfort I feel at realizing I have a weakness. However, this propels me forward into better acquainting myself with the subject matter.

I wish programming was so easy to get into, because, by now, I'd already know how to program! Well, maybe one day ;o)