A New Age for Me

Once considered hippy territory, new age has now fallen under the more politically correct--and sometimes (but not often enough) respected--earth-centered religion...but a rose by any other name is still a rose ^^

My passion for occult and scary anime as a toddler, later blossomed into an interest in horoscopes, numerology, and tarot. My parents were creeped out by how peaceful and joyful I became whenever I was watching my weird tv programs as I grew up. They tried to ignore their fears that I might become a serial killer or psycho.

In my teens, I began reading books on mysterious and occult topics, my all time favorite, hands down, was and still is  The Very Scary Almanac (1993). I devoted all spare time to reruns of  In Search ofNight Gallery, The Hitchhiker, Tales from the Crypt, Friday the 13th The Series, and Tales from the Darkside--even a little Outer Limits. Well, the list goes on.

There were also new shows, like Sightings, and tons of UFO and haunting themed programs--don't get me started on how important the SciFi (now SyFy) network launch was to me, or how relevant the X-Files became for me in the 90s. But there were quite a few duds in the bunch...anyone else remember the alien autopsy fiasco?

I've always had a sense of dejavu when going to certain places which I dreamt of before, sometimes years before! The flashback to a dream and the sensation are quite unnerving sometimes. Other times, my mom and I have had the same sensation while something is happening or we're in a new place together, sometimes very old places, and we look at each other in understanding. My mom has always been sensitive to the atmosphere in particular places.

In recent years I've expanded my reading to more factual resources--notwithstanding the first step in any research I conduct, which is Wikipedia--and interestingly enough, have been incredibly drawn towards green (sometimes called hedge) witchcraft. I enjoy the combination of homey cooking and recipes, natural healing oils and balms, and the union and respect between the individual and the environment s/he is in.

I learned of a local earth-religion based shop in our vicinity and have made it a growing habit to visit, especially for their workshops or fairs. They have great metaphysical workshops, a gorgeous little gift shop stocked with handmade goodies from local artists and practitioners, and a crystal themed tea room. I'm currently learning about runes there. The set I won in 2009 hasn't really been brought out since, and you really must build a connection and understanding of your tools if you are to journey together.

I think my yoga practice over the last 9 months has had something to do with this recovered interest in deepening my spiritual research and reading.

Seemingly at odds ^^; I've started going to a nearby progressive church. My first event was their annual winter solstice candle vigil. I'm telling you, I've never been in a room of people who are so peaceful and happy to be in each other's company. That's what I call a reenergizing and healing experience. That experience was the main reason I decided to continue being active there. I hear they have an earth-centered religion group that hosts outdoor events in warm weather seasons. I can't wait!

Two of my personal goals for 2012 include educating myself in areas that inspire and ignite my inner fire/passion, and bringing/welcoming fellowship and friendship in my life. I think I'm on the right path on these two goals with this church. I'm thoroughly enjoying this new year's journey.

Cheers to learning and new friends!