New Favorite Artist: Martina Nehrling

photo of artwork by Martina Nehrling from Really...WTF
I was reading a new favorite blog, Really...WTF, and discovered a new favorite artist, Martina Nehrling.

Martina is a Chicago-based artist that likes to capture the chaotic whirlwind of day-to-day life using an amazing, Van Gogh type of style. She uses short lines one next to each other, sometimes outlined in a complementing color, to create patterns, shapes, and textures in her paintings.

The best way, and my first gut reaction at seeing her work, is that Martina's paintings are what would happen if Missoni created paintings.

photo of artwork by Martina Nehrling from Really...WTF
I love the texture, the complexity, the vibrant colors, the movement, and the...dimension--initial simplicity until you approach a piece to inspect it more closely.

Love, love. Thank you.