A Winter Day's Art Meanderings

Got a chance to check out North Central College's Schoenherr Gallery at last, after a long time.

The current exhibit, Vantage Point, was a lovely collection of watercolors, graphite sketches, and giclee prints.

Barry Skurkis drawings of ocean mammals and penguins superimposed on a space view of earth or the moon were amazingly rich in hue and vibrancy. I particularly liked the ocean turtle, of course, since I love turtles.

Justin Aram's work had a great comic strip look to it, but with very rich colors. It reminded me a little of the animation series that spinned off of the Dexter television show.

Micah Farritor's drawings fascinated me, as they reminded me of a number of works shown on MTV's old Liquid Television. There is a touch of moodiness and eeriness to his scenes, but the detail and texture make you peek in closer to absorb all the details.

Adam Henske's work reminded me of tattoo art, tokidoki, and skater tee shirts. I loved the urban and modern feel to the decaying popular art/culture characters. His use of color or shadows and blacks create vivid work that would look great on a tee shirt or iPad cover, or just as well on the walls of a gallery.

Kevin O'Brien had some really nice views of Chicago in a realistic but a little naif approach. I really enjoyed the landscape viewing North Michigan Avenue from the Gold Coast, and the Wrigley Field crowd scene. It must have been a nice switch for him to capture compact and busy urban scenes and landscapes, compared to the gorgeous and expansive sights of Wyoming, where he opened a gallery.

I missed going to Schoenherr, so I'll be glad to keep abreast of North Central College's upcoming exhibits and sparing a few minutes to check them out.