Learn: Camping Tent

Our camping stuff from Amazon arrived last week. In a bit of an a-typical self-control failure, I couldn't hold myself back, even though it's a birthday present, and I opened up all the boxes, folded the boxes, and checked out the goodies.

On Sunday evening, while I was roasting a chicken in the oven upstairs, and getting the fire detectors beeping all over the house, I was in the English basement of our townhome moving things around until I had a 10x4 footprint of space available to set up our Coleman Hooligan ($129.99 but cheaper on Amazon) tent for four.

The instructions are sewn into the carrying case, making it easy to visually understand how things should be laid out and assembled. The poles are color coordinated so it's easy to tell which two are the main structural backbone, and where the third and fourth ones end up going.

I didn't take any pictures as I was setting it up because I wanted to focus on the task at hand and also, because I was sweaty and really not in the mood.

Oh yes, setting up a tent for four with only two hands was a ton of sweaty fun. I even draped the rainfly over the top and began closing the velcro snaps to secure it to the frame. It was then that I realized *insert drama music here* that there was a small hole in the netting on the door. It's not a rip, it's an outright rectangular hole!

So, I'm now waiting for pay day this Thursday when I have a little more loose change to play around with, and I will go purchase a repair kit and a sealing kit. I'd rather take care of business ahead of time rather than when facing an emergency.

All around, I think the tent looks big from the outside, but is just right inside for two adults, a dog, and room for storing clothing and duffle bags, as well as storing the cooler in case of inclement weather.

I cannot wait to try this out in the wild :o) I would like to give a huge thank you to my significant-other unit for always being generous with me and for purchasing all the conglomerate that is our camping equipment off of my Amazon Camping wish list! I promise I'll get the camping tent put away as soon as I can fix the hole and seal the seams. XoXo