Learning: Cash Mobs

I was listening to NPR on the way to work, when they started talking about a really interesting social media trend: the cash mob (National Trend 'Mobs' Local Businesses With Cash by Daniel Robinson).

Most everyone has heard about flash mobs, which are choreographed groups of people who spontaneously burst into dance routines. Now, apparently, there are such things as cash mobs, which are people who agree to descend on a local, independent business and spend at least $20 on non-discounted items.

I remember someone saying that this was meant to get people off their tushies in front of a computer moping over how few real life friends they have, and instead get them to go out and meet local people and do good by supporting independent business owners. I think this a spectacularly good idea.

I went on the National Cash Mob blog to find the listing of local cash mob activities which led me to follow the Chicago Cash Mob Twitter account.