Relativity: I'm Only Human

I'm forever amused at my attempts to improve myself and expand my horizons, via limited means and with limited results.

But, I tell myself, it's better to have tried and lost, than to have never tried at all.

In the immense petri dish that is the universe, with so many questions yet to answer, and so many more answers just out of the grasp of our finger tips, what is the meaning of the hill of beans that I hold before me?

Do you realize how many possible combinations of events, mistakes, missed opportunities, serendipty, and other myseries have converged to bring you to this exact moment in time? It's a heavy responsibility being in the moment, right now, and expressing the correct mix of emotion, awe, and hope. A cop-out is too easy an answer: just feel numb, or neutral. Don't deal with it.

Meanwhile the stars and planets revolve on their orbits, forever as they've always done.

Being human means that our unlimited potential and imagination can and will make up for and drive us on in spite of our limitations. And there are many, even those we didn't realize were there, by hiding in nooks and crannies.

Hope is a four letter word, but we cling to it. For dear life. What is your definition of hope? Does it vibrate inside and alongside you? Does it push you forward, and onward?

If you attempt to define something, do you imprison it within those boundaries forever? Limiting its potential? Reciprocity would dictate that you are actually allowing that value judgment and definition of that something, imprison you in an unchanging state. Never moving beyond that point in time and space, never growing, neglecting the stepping stones leading you on the path you should be exploring.

Remember to enjoy the journey and not the destination.