I felt like...No. Scratch That.

I felt like going to two yoga classes tonight. I went to the yoga studio, and the entire parking lot was taken. I decided to instead go to the nearest library branch to borrow books.

As I got out of the car I realized I forgot the Anthony Bourdain book I had just finished reading last night at home. I wanted to return it.

I still went inside, unabated. I came out with seven books. Read that, seven. Yep. They're weird books too, check this out:
Well. They seem weird at first, but they make complete sense together: feminism, capitalism, socialism, individualism.

I was completely unimpressed with Career Warfare by David D'Alessandro--a book I borrowed from the company library and which had so many ridiculous, childish, immature example stories that I decided it wasn't worth putting up with for the very few and far between nuggets of useful advice.

I mulled for a microsecond today taking an economics class at Waubonsee Community College's Aurora campus or online. Somewhat due to inspiration I received from watching Larry Crowne in Q4 of 2011. Then I figured I might as well teach myself whatever I damn well please with free books from the library, instead. Good investment.