Reading: Anthony Bourdain

I've been reading Anthony Bourdain's books lately. I can't recall ever watching that TV show he is in, where he goes to wild and distant places and eats weird stuff. Mostly because I've assumed all along that it's a more expletive-laden version of Lonely Planet shows.

The three books have been a mixed bag so far:

I've been reading these at work during my lunch hour walks or just while eating lunch during my workdays. They make for fun distractions, and are informative to get a realistic sense of what the culinary and restaurant-starting business is all about. 

Next on my list are:
In-between I've also been reading some "meatier" stuff on economics and personal finance. Plus whatever I most recently added to my reading list from the library.

So far I'm sort of liking Common Sense Economics, but it seems awfully too straight-forward to be of any real applicability. We'll see when I get to the end if I feel any better.

Cheers to good reading material!