Smile! It's a Good Week

I'm firmly ensconced in my middle 30s, and so far so good. Amazingly.

Friday, which was Good Friday, I had a day off, so I went to yoga, and later that afternoon, to my favorite deli. My plan was to get a huge chocolate cake slice to take home and a capital egg-salad sandwich to eat in. I love people watching there, but the food gets all my attention.

I even got to nab a delicious and plump challah on our grocery run to Whole Paycheck on Saturday! It's actually a little more brioche-y than the one at the deli, but don't tell anyone.

My parents gave me an awesome chocolates filled chocolate Easter egg that I began digging into on Sunday morning. It's from my favorite confectionery in the Quad Cities, Lagomarcino's!

Easter Sunday meant significant other unit and I went to our local Greek restaurant for delicious lamb delicacies and some scordalia with roasted beets.  MMM filling and delicious.

My Bday was Monday, so I was surrounded by a festive mood. The fact that I got to use some comp time to leave 45 minutes early from work may have had something to do with that! Since 2/3 of the office was out on Monday I had a quality, high-productivity peaceful and short workday. Loved it.

Lots of lovely, old dear friends and newer acquaintances on FB wished me a good day. My parents called from California to sing me happy birthday and reminded me to open the gifts they left me, including my latest addiction in the kitchen: a stainless steel Italian espresso stove top pot. Cafe au Laits have been springing forth ever since--which are particularly delicious accompanied by a healthy slice of challah to dip in.

A dear co-worker and friend of mine, with whom I've worked with (on and off) for the past 11 years got me two lovely and thoughtful gifts to cheer me up on my bday. What a sweetie. Especially because we ran into each other as I was leaving Tuesday afternoon and she gave me a hug.

I love sincere expressions of appreciation, love, and friendship. Even when these are achingly few, they are what truly energizes the soul. The milk of human kindness may be running dry, so it's up to each of us to rehydrate humanity, one hug and appreciative gesture at a time.

How was your holiday weekend?