Social Media and Haters

If I could get a penny each time someone has shown disdain for social media or people like me, I would have quite a lot of money by now.

I really don't say anything, but I should speak out because it's just another type of opression for people like me, to sit there and listen to some schmuck say crap about social media and wasting time, and bla bla bla.

You know what? If you have a family, friends, and neighbors--and god forbid, co-workers--with whom you spend real-time hours engaging in outings, conversation, and other face-to-face activities, good for you honey. You have what people call a real life. But guess what? Not everyone is like you.

Do you realize you can come off sounding like your social/emotional intelligence is negligible to people who aren't like you, but who nod and smile and turn the other way to be polite? Do you have enough sensitivity training to realize when you're sticking your foot in your mouth?

For instance, there's people who suffer from agoraphobia, a fear of crowds and other people. These people engage in social media and other online interaction with people so that they can get some of the benefits of engaging and learning from other people, but without the negative side effects: harassment, fear, panic attacks, etc.

Besides agoraphobics, there's obsessive-compulsives, who may have a germophobia or other similar phobia which limits outside experiences, but they still want to read, learn, and develop some sort of social dimension to their life.

Then there's people like me. I hate dealing with other people because I have to be customer service oriented, diplomatic, and courteous at work during situations which are completely outrageous and illogical. I have been the victim of extreme harassment and verbal violence by complete strangers. I have been trolled online. I have been mistreated by service providers. I have had to put up with bad drivers on my really long commutes to and from work.

And yet, I still manage to control my sociopathic impulses to kill, pussycat, kill. I don't even maim or scream what evil defilations I'd like to do to you for pissing me off. Instead, I smile and sing along to my radio.

I go online and spend hours upon hours, and more hours, because I want to see what people are talking about, how their lives are doing, how their kids are driving them crazy this time, what jokes they're sharing, and what their plans and dreams for the future are. That's how I feel like I can be, 1) part of other people's lives, 2) supportive and share in people's sad times and happiest times 3) do it all on my terms, without the aggravation of all the other imperfections that human interaction can have. Like listening to YET ANOTHER fool say how crap social media is and what a waste of time it is, or "gee isn't it nice to talk to people in the real world?"

No it's not nice to talk to people in the real world, if they talk smack like you every time I open myself up to social interaction. I'll take a root canal any day over that.

Besides, I didn't grow up with family, friends, and neighbors up my wazhoo and drowning my waking hours. So I'm just not used to all that socialness. I prefer to take things in small sips, not drowning by the barrelful.

The next time you're about to diss something or a type of lifestyle, be the lifestyle gay, queer, bisexual, confused, or god forbid, someone who spends a lot of itme online and has tons of friends there, be 100% aware and transparent that 1) we know what you're up to, 2) we don't like your bigotry, because there's no other way to call it, and 3) we won't look for you the next time we want to have a rocking good time in the "real world" -- whatever that may be.

Normal is in the eye of the beholder, and your normal may be exactly the opposite to someone else. Cheers.