In Search Of: Temperance

Solar Eclipse Sunday night sunset
Sunday nights into Monday mornings, during high-stress times, are periods where my ability to temper my temper is tested.

Many aspects come into play: checking email before Monday morning, exhaustion carried over from a busy weekend, boredom carried over from a lazy weekend, etc.

Temperance, according to Marriam Webster online, means to moderate thoughts, feelings, and actions. Yes I definitely need more of that, but I'm afraid, because whenever I ask for something it becomes sorely tested immediately thereafter.

My own version of temperance is exerting that manic energy into a project, either online or in real-time. Also, taking walks with Benny and the significant other unit does wonders right before bed. Even though I try, sometimes, I can't stop my mind from racing and this sucks some life out of my restorative sleep schedule.

It's usually on the morning after that I repeat a favorite mantra: I'll turn today into a fabulous day, even if it kills me. This usually takes out any bias towards having a negative reaction or outburst since it pretty much nips it in the bud.

Do you also get a case of the Sundays? How do you deal with it?