Reading and Eating Update

In-between finishing the book Mindless Eating and starting up The Social Animal, I went to a naturopath doctor to get a checkup.

You can learn more about naturopathic medicine here.

I've been considering going to a naturopathic doctor since the early 2000s, when I went through my great Neti Pot and Whole Paycheck Foods renaissance.

I've been concerned about some intense inflamation that's plagued me for some time, and a lack of success in reducing one more size even after intense yoga classes and pretty much eating like a bird.

The doctor assigned me a non-inflamatory, blood-type based diet which I've now been on around a week. The supplements she's provided seem to be doing a lot of great things, which I'm either noticing really taking place or it's just the placebo effect. Either way, I can haz be happy gal.

I've been reading and researching blood-type diets since at least 2010, when I wrote a post about it. I've also been reading about the non-inflamatory diet from Dr. Weil's website and his books, on and off, since about the mid 2000s.

It's nice to put both concepts together, since they seem complimentary. For that matter, it's nice to adopt complementary and natural approaches to things, rather than a pill fix all. I've seen too many friends and family members fall prey to doctors' prescription pads.

Let's see how this goes.