Becoming an Outdoors Woman

I attended my second BOW in Oregon IL this year. The group was wonderful, for the most part.

The classes were interesting. I signed up with second and third choices which made me feel a little like being on a game show when I submitted my registration--I don't think they gave us that option last year.

They ended up assigning me to the following classes: wilderness first aid, birding, medicine cabinet massage, and surviving the outdoors.

Highlights included the lovely Friday night cruise on the Rock River on the Pride of Oregon, a paddlewheeler. Another highlight was learning how to skin a racoon--which wasn't very appetizing but useful information anyway.

The birding class is what taught me the most, and I am going to employ the awareness, listening, and watching techniques I learned from the couple who taught us, to add further enjoyment to my walks with Benny.

I always wish that the food was a little healthier, but everyone always comments on how delicious and comforting it is. So I just sulk quiety XD I did bring my candied ginger from Trader Joe's so that kept me busy chewing and eased my digestion.

What I truly enjoyed this year was the bright blue, clear skies and hot, sunny weather -- which made up for the rainy, mosquito infested nightmare that was last year. I only came away with two mosquito-caused welts this time.

Here's a slideshow of my photos from this year's and last year's events, combined in a Flickr set: