MV of the Day: Crash into Me, Dave Matthews

When I discovered Dave Matthews in the late 90s it was a revelation. This song, crash into me, changed me forever.

A song made me realize that the ideal is also the unattainable. But it's good to keep trying. And daydreaming. How deeply felt passion can be freeing and yet ultimately our undoing as well. But a life worth living is one where you explore and risk and hurt and smile again.

DMB's music fills me with wistful wonder, joy, and hope. Mostly awe at their great skill, the lyrics, and the composition. I love the band when they go wild with a song when they're performing live (on Youtube anyway!).

DMB is one of my all time favorite artists. I hope to go to one of their concerts sometime,  I've never been, but it must be with a friend who really appreciates and reenergizes from this talent as much as I do.