Watching: Snow White (1997)

I was browsing Amazon Prime Instant videos last night, and spotted the old Snow White movie from 1997. It's the movie with Sam Neill and Sigourney Weaver.

I'm a big fan of Sigourney's work. Not that I've followed her closely, but I appreciate her range in the Aliens movies, and my old childhood favorite, Ghostbusters.

The 1997 version of Snow White was a "tale of terror" but I found it more to be a soapy tale of supernatural tragedy. Very Shakespearean in a way. I enjoyed the screenplay as it unfolded.

Some serious themes included survival, childbirth, growing up, single parenting, class differences, duty, and interpersonal relationships. And sure, throw in a gratuitous true love riff just for spice.

You actually feel bad for everyone in the story, not just the "innocent princess." Also, the complexity of the plight of the miners (not dwarves) adds some dimension to the tale--mercenaries? treasurehunters?--even though their roles aren't 1) explanined that well as part of the storyline, 2) aren't all that well developed, 3) nor are the actors in those roles that great.

It definitely had great photography and scenery, even though it was a lower budget 1990s film--for example, the faux autumnal trees in neon colors--but it was an all around enjoyable trip.

It made me reflect on a time when movies featured considerably unknown actors rather than these days where most of today's remakes or fable type movies which tend to feature young actors from some sort tween television serial. Carrying with them some sort of expectations. The most recent example I can think of is Red Riding Hood, which was a rather disappointing romp.

It's good to go back to my long list of must-watch movies and television series to revisit various eras in more ways than one. For example, I finally finished watching the X-Files. That's for another post.