Watching: X-Files

I finally finished watching the X-Files. I watched from season 4-5 up until the end. I had stopped watching the TV show around those seasons when the show was still running. So wanted to pick up the show again and see it to the end, this time.

I have mixed feelings about the series. It had so much potential when it first began, and carried me on watching it for quite a bit of seasons. The objectives of the writers changed very visibly around seasons 4 or 5 when instead of focusing on the major characters and their plight we moved into crazier and crazier "monster of the week" type storylines that didn't arc and basically removed you from the original -- read: very interesting -- story arc. It's a shame.

It's also a shame that they tried to spin off The Lone gunmen when it's so visibly obvious that the writers just didn't have it in them anymore. It's difficult see something that was once your favorite get every drop of lemon squeezed out until it's a dried-up mummy.

I think that Gillian Anderson grew quite professionally a bit from the beginning of the series to the conclusion. On the o ther hand, I felt the exact opposite happened to David Duchovny, where I found his earnestness at the  very beginning to add dimension to his aloof character, gradually worsening into a wily irritating character after the time the first movie came out and well into the very end of the show.

One thing that seriously pissed me off about the series is that they took it away from Vancouver. There was something in the scenery and lighting that naturally occurred in that area of the world that was never again imitated when the show was moved to LA. It's a little bit like the first three Indiana Jones movies versus that last crappy one--it was just so wrong in so many different ways, lighting and photography included.

What on earth happened with the finale? They tried to wipe clean the last season or two? She gave away the baby? What? What? Why was he hiding with Gibson in the desert? What the hell already. I almost wanted him to get the death penalty. Sheesh.

I guess I owed it to my teenage geeky self to finish watching the show, even if after so many years, but I definitely won't be able to regain those wasted hours ever again. And for the life of me, I can't recall a thing of the second movie. I may waste a couple more hours and pick that one up again as well. Or not, and instead, watch something on HBO.