Feeding the Inner Artist

A month or so ago I became acquainted with Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. I had already embarked in a journey of sorts to re-find my inner spark and joy in the moment, which, sadly has been escaping me due to a troubled mind since late last year. Somehow, there's a frailty that I've gained that troubles me, so I struggle to come to terms with it as I regain my footing.

The book was a great little find. It can be a partner guide to re-finding your inner artist and joyful self. Your mini-me Picasso/Shakespeare/mime/starving but fulfilled artist. In fact, thanks to the book, I've regained my attention and joy in the little things. In each moment. Though my photography is still lagging behind the burst of motivation I had last year.

I've  started looking for fun coincidences and serendipity a little more. Smiling when I do find them, and recording them in a daily journal.

Alas, I've always sucked at journaling and that's why I haven't made it a consistent habit. But as Julia Cameron says, it's an important process because it vaccums up the little dust bunnies, troubles, nand criticisms that float around the corners of the mind. Suck out the negative and record it onto paper so it no longer clogs up the creative mind.

I found that I prefer to write the three journal pages at the end of the day. That way I quiet the humming and buzzing of the brain prior to a restful night's sleep.

I've also worked on developing artist dates. So far I've gone to two with my mom, so they don't actually qualify as artist me-dates, but still, my experience of moving events always is a very personal and introspective one, even in those rare instances when I am accompanied by someone else. The theatre hike I went to last weekend was an awesome artist me-date though.

Something that I didn't expect would happen as a result of this journey, is to re-experience the important role that yoga can play on my mood and energy levels. IT makes such a difference when I go that it's truly become an integral part of my path to well-being.

I almost forget. One of my favorite recent me-dates is dancing classes. Although I've only been to two, I signed up for several in mid to late August. My instructor is charming and skilled, and a good guide to becoming a little less clumsy. I can't wait to pick this up again in August!

I like to think of the artist me-dates and introspective discoveries as little in-the-moment wins. Each time, I regain a little bit of the spark. Kind of like trying to strike a stone in hopes of starting a spark to start a fire.

I'm sure that in the great scope of my world, workplace, life, and family all of this has very little consequence. And yet, being able to smile and find a positive, one baby step at a time, is making all the difference to me. If I can get through things one step at a time, I'm sure I can begin taking the first bite out of the elephant and gain solid ground on bigger battles.

Cheers to progress and better understanding of oneself and things that matter.