Summer Poem--of Sorts

Exchange your daily-grind shackles with the hot freedom of a summer afternoon's breeze. Leave behind the closed door on their myopic victories of self-fulfillment.

The electric drilling of the rattlesnake cicadas is the welcoming soundtrack du jour. The hard summer sun beats around bushes of all kinds.

Bite into the liquid sunshine peach of this season. It's been set aside, just for you.

Tease and tousle your nap into the depths of the shady tree. Slip further into your cozy unconscious which lies within the depth of each breath.

Leaves rustle in the summer breeze. Grasses snake in their liquid dance. Streams and rivers gurgle at the passing of the day.

Engaged in fruitful disengagement, the only clock is the sun shining above a rich season. 

Watch the day progress and unravel, like a dance between shadows and sunlight of leafy branches.

Plan many a barefoot dance of grassy moonlight fireflies. The red lemonade of hot sunshine, once drunk deeply, grants an idyll as the cool moon rises.

Evening joy lights up the starry sky like an insatiable ocean, reflected over carpeting of green, green grass.