Reading Update

Here's a brief update on what I've been reading lately.

I have made ZERO progress on Stephen King's The Dome. I find it hard to read, kind of like wading through mud during a SEAL exercise. I really don't like rape scenes. I just can't buy in to this story. I haven't hooked into any one character. There's no real heroes. Maybe if the movie comes out, I can watch that first then go back to the book.

I've picked up the significant other unit's "mistake" subscription Glamour issue. Actually, let me add some detail...he used credit card points to sign up for a ton of magazines, not realizing that a few are female-audience targeted. In spite of my own misgivings, I'm loving the latest issue of Glamour, "curated" by guest editor Victoria Beckham (known as Posh Spice in some circles). I had sworn off girly magazines a long time ago, but I guess that, on occasion, it does no harm, right?

On the other hand, I've made great progress on Julia Cameron's The Writing Diet, which is a sort of sequel or tangent to her The Artist's Way. The Writing Diet highlights the correlation between a lack of creativity, bottled up emotions, and an un-healthy lifestyle. The main prescription is a Writing Diet is honest journaling, walks, and a spring cleaning of one's diet. I like Cameron's way of organizing content and  the short, concise chapters. She's a great writer beacuse she speaks succinctly, uses great examples, and is direct with the audience.

I've also made some progress with The Millionaire Next Door. I began reading it during a lunch hour last week and have gone through 11% (my Kindle is awesome) of the book. I find it outdated and stereotypical, but will try to wade through it as a personal growth exercise. I remember the significant other unit was on a Millionaire Mind kick a few years ago and went through both books in a month.

I recently bought A Game of Thrones book. Why? Albeit my undying hatred of the TV show's oversexed first episode, which I couldn't watch past 5-10 minutes, I was convinced to try the book out by a heartfelt review on YouTube by one of my favorite beauty gurus, MissGlamorazzi, on her personal vlog channel  TheGridMonster. She obviously did a great job describing the book.

Over the weekend I kept thinking/remembering an old Martha Stewart Living episode from the 90s where a Fiestaware specialist presented some history and examples. That's how I became acquainted with Fiesta and became obsessed with it. I looked up the episode to no avail, but found out that the author visited Martha again on her recent series (Collecting Colorful Fiestaware). Long story short, I went on Bonanza.com (first time shopping there, holla!) and bought the book as a reference book to keep on hand. I wonder if it has any Fiesta dish centerfolds... J/K!

And last, but not least, I have several Lord Krishna books that my sis in law kindly presented me while I was in India two weeks ago. One book is an inspirational quote to be opened at a time where one needs some guidance or comforting words, and the other two tend to be more of a historical narration and informative nature. I will pick these up as soon as possible and begin dabbling in them. These are more of a long-term project since they're more "life reference" type of resources.