Antiques: Bonnie and Clyde

photo borrowed from NPR article
According to NPR today (Bonnie And Clyde's Guns, Other Items Go On Auction) it looks like the intrepid, outlaw couple is still able to capture headlines nearly 80 years after they were gunned down (in 1934).

Some "tools of the trade" that belonged to the couple going to auction this Sunday, include:

  • his Colt .45
  • her .38 Special
  • a silver dollar pulled from his jacket
  • a pillbox
  • a silk stocking
There's antiquing and then there's antiquing, eh?

PS - The photo at right just captures my imagination. I'd love to write an essay (a la grade school) that spins the tale of what exactly these two were doing as the photographer snapped the photo. Is Bonnie acting like she's sticking Clyde up? Pulling his revolver away? They obviously had a good sense of humor and good chemistry.