Favorite Quote Today: How We Live Our Lives

I've been researching the Subaru brand of automobiles lately, and happened on a great branding article from the Journal of Advertising Research, dated March 2006 (Subaru: The Emotional Myths Behind the Brand's Growth by Sal Randazzo).

The article uses the Subaru company's experiences with sales and branding in the US as a case study to discuss the psychology of consumer behavior and the role of branding. I love the psychology of sales, branding, marketing, and consumer behavior and perception.

This quote highlights the foundation of how these elements come together:

"Freud and Jung both believed that the most important question we could ask is, "what is the myth [story] by which we live our lives?" We are all searching for meaning in our lives. And we look to stories to help us understand the world and find meaning. We are continually comparing our stories with other people's stories in order to try to get ideas and insights about how we should live our lives. Stories from books, movies, culture, religion, etc. (and yes, advertising) also serve the same purpose."