My Autumn Treats Festival, Part III

This is the third in a series of posts that are autumn and seasonal comfort related.

As the weather has gotten chillier, and the daylight shortens, I've found myself in need of comforting things after work at home. Seasonal blues alert!

I've begun stocking bath products which are highly aromatic and comforting. At Bath and Body Works I've stocked up on various body washes and creams from their Moonlight Path, Twilight Woods, and Warm Vanilla Sugar. Since I grew obsessed with their candles last year, I've restocked on Leaves, Hot Chocolate (I had on hand, need to get more), and Fresh Balsam three-wick candles. I like to light a candle while I watch TV in the living room with only three lamps on. Great for winding down and unplugging from the outside.

Yesterday, at Target, I purchased two waffle weave pajamas (top and bottom) one of the sets was a light cyan top and navy and cyan pants while another set was burgundy pants and a mauve top. Last year I decided I will be buying two new wintery, cozy PJs each autumn to help create a bit of a comfy housewear tradition. I still treasure my light blue and white striped PJ and my scottie dog PJ sets from JCPenney from last year's inaugural spree.

I'm also suffering a repeat of the cold I had a month ago, so I've stocked on great teas from Twinings, one of my favorite purveyors, and lots of lemon and honey to keep my cup filled. Not only do I enjoy breathing in and sipping a hot cup of lemon tea throughout the day, I find the warmth restorative to my chilly fingers. My favorite Twinings flavors are: Lemon Ginger, Orange Pekoe, and English Breakfast. Though I've recently also bought Darjeeling, which is great plain, and a box of the organic/fair trade green with citrus, which is amazingly citrusy in the best possible ways.

Earlier this summer I indulged in a scarf shopping spree with my sis in law, and I'm enjoying wrapping up in a variety of scarves as the weather turns chillier. With my penchant for scrunching up my shoulders and getting neck and shoulder aches and pains, a comforting yet lightweight scarf is definitely a boon.

I have also indulged in a couple of pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks, to welcome the season. However, my all time favorite right now are the iced decaf caramel macchiato. This is a passing indulgence, however, as I really don't need extra empty calories. I much prefer to make my own lemon tea as it's an enjoyable experience from beginning to the last sip.