Vacation Report: Orlando

I spent a couple of days at home after the week I was away in Atlanta working at the annual conference, then sped into vacation gear.

My parents, my uncle and I hung out at all Disney parks plus Universal Studios.

I got to take care of many new experiences during this trip, that I had been waiting to try out: the revamped Haunted House at Magic Kingdom, which was closed in 2007 during my last visit; the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios, which I missed due to a spontaneous monsoon back in 2007 again; I visited a British pub, the Rose and Crown, and the nearby Twinings shop at Epcot's World Showcase; got to fake hang glide at Soar at Epcot; and best of all, got to finally make my first visit to Animal Kingdom--including the amazing Expedition Everest that even my mom got on! Really a lot of fun.

I have lots of roller coaster and other assorted crazy rides photos with my uncle as we made frightened facial expressions XD

The biggest disappointment was Universal Studios which is extremely expensive, outdated, claustrophobic, and a total ripoff. They converted the Back to the Future ride to Krustyland from The Simpsons. The old Ghostbusters experience became Twister, an overdramatization on an old favorite movie. They split some attractions into a separate park so you pay twice as much--including the Harry Potter themed area. Booo! We skipped out. Most of the entertainment is focused around roller coasters, rather than a fun visiting experience. I did enjoy the Mummy ride, however long the queue turned out to be--20 minutes my @ss! They ask that visitors leave their valuables and anything that might fall off in the crazy coasters, however, the lockers are full to capacity and the computer screens to reserve one don't work 90% of the time.

One of my favorite vacations because I got to hung out with my family without visiting due to illness or a family death, and Orlando really put out the very best sunny weather possible for us.