A Grapple a Day

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my constant companion
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On March 1, 2001, I started working at my current employer. There was a blue handwritten welcome sign and this Grapple a Day perpetual wisdom desk item in my cubicle.

This little guy has been my constant companion, as I have turned its pages for over 11 years now.

It may have belonged to the woman (Larissa Harris) whose job I took over. It may have been a leftover from one of my two coworkers or supervisor.

Whatever the reason this found a resting place on my cubicle that fateful Thursday morning, I am happy that it did.

It's been there when my coworkers played me against my supervisor, when my coworkers tried to make me seem incompetent, and when my coworkers have celebrated my birthday, wedding, and successes.

It's been there when I was depressed, when I missed my laid off work friends, when my coworkers excluded me, when my coworkers went the extra mile to make me feel included.

It's been an amazing and educational ride. And I still look forward to turning yet another page, on the morrow!