A Little Birdie Told Me...

Ain't he cute?
Last year when I spent Christmas alone, I eventually decided to put up my little holiday tree and decorate around the house a little. Sometimes, the things we do for ourselves help us keep chugging along.

I decided I wanted to revamp the way I did my little holiday tree by purchasing only felt/boiled wool ornaments which reflect the season and nature. I'm drawn to winter berries, and have my trusty, faux winter berry wreath up on the front door since Thanksgiving.

This year, I'm still debating what I will do, if anything, to celebrate the season--and, bleh, the holidays. But as I went again to my local Target over a recent lunch hour, I couldn't drag myself away from their holiday wares. That's where I found most of all my little felt treasures last  year. 

I didn't spot anything overwhelmingly cute in the felt/boiled wool persuasion, but I did come away with this little red robin/cardinal. Now, I realize these are probably popular because they remind people of Angry Birds. Since I don't play that, I wouldn't really know, or care, to be honest.

I ensconced this little red winter birdie at the entrance of my cubicle, on the thin wall. Which is where I had been perching my apples and giving people a chuckle: seasonal and festive, but not corny.

At $3 a pop, I figured this little red bird can give a seasonal feeling, without going overboard. I can always take him home to put him somewhere to bring the spirit on over. Maybe on my short holiday tree, if I do decide to do that this year.

Although I made the decision to not celebrate the holidays last year, and I'm still in that mindset this year, these little natural decorations bring some warmth and a smile my way--something I need as much as possible this time of year.