Control Your Emotions

I was reading an article on Inc.com today (Rule 1: Control  Your Emotions by Brent Gleeson) that got me thinking about sucking it up and controlling one's emotions--something that I think about a lot lately.

I sometimes draw parallels between putting up with abuse in military training and putting up with abuse in office politics. The goal with either, is to stick to something long term to achieve success or to meet a goal that's further down the line.

It's sometimes easy to let go of one's values, self-esteem, and dignity when putting up with things because it's either expected or because you know "things will get better." Hope is what keeps you going, but planning is what gets you somewhere.

I used to think that I was socially inept because I didn't know how to play along with social or office politics, something I've now begun calling "the game of thrones." But the fact is, my personality is too strongly against verbally and psychologically abusing other people. I refuse to play along. It's a choice, not a weakness or a lack of skill.

I can't stomach people who do those things. People oftentimes get carried away with a misplaced sense of power that comes with their role. When you're really busy getting things done and moving forward, you're walking alongside people, not in front of them. Your skill and achievement stands out, not your ego.

I like feeling balanced and grounded. Being dismissive and disrespectful of other people's dignity comes counter intuitive to what I value. This philosophy isn't shared by other "more competitive" people, and therefore they think it's a weakness of mine and they try to take advantage of it. So, with time, I have found a new hobby that I rather enjoy: watching from the sidelines as the corpses gore each other.