Injury Update

I sliced 1/4 of my finger partially off while cutting celery and carrots for soup last Sunday. I  required 3 stitches, and the finger is healing well, considering.

Lucky me there was a tiny emergency care place, kitty corner from where we live, still open at 8 pm on a Sunday.

I now know what it feels like for your blood pressure to drop over 20 points in a few seconds, and having to drink Tang to bring it back up. It's scary and you black out. The Dr's young assistant offered to take my hand and chatted w me throughout. Such a nice fellow. I did get to drink Tang after well over two decades tho. #silverlining

I'm in a lot of pain. Usually more so in the morning and at night. I had night terrors the first night and couldn't sleep. Sleep doesn't come easy still, until I figure out a good position where neither the dog, the significant other unit, nor the bed cover touch my left hand and my arm doesn't fall asleep.

I can't wet the bandage, which I change every two days to check/clean/sanitize the wound. Showering has involved wrapping my hand in a plastic bag and holding it up in the air above the water spray.

I had to go get my hair washed on Wednesday at a nearby salon, and will probably go again on Saturday or Sunday. The good thing about color treated, curly hair is that it mustn't be shampooed too often, but can take watering down daily and a good scrub in-between. One handed.

Typing is one handed. Else the stitches hurt and the finger throbs more. I had begun playing WOW again after a long hiatus over the weekend. Finger hurts if I try to play, so it's on hiatus--was really looking forward to my new Worgen warrior too.

Getting dressed is an epic. TMI alert: I switched to a slip-over-head sports bra because I can't negotiate a regular bra's closure w/o crying in frustration. I only wore a "real" bra on Tues when I had a business meeting to attend for work.

Lesson learned. I found out what a really sharp knife can do. Although, the clean cut will probably heal faster than a dull cut would have.

We threw said knife away. It may be foolish, but that's what we do to kitchen utensils who like to taste our blood. I was really excited we got that knife earlier this year, too :(

I'll eventually gladly go back to cooking and my old butcher block, European knives. Not sure when that might be.

Yesterday was day 5 of 5 for the antibiotics, so I can go back to my liver cleansing per the naturopath I was seeing. I'm estimating this wound will begin to really look like it's actually healing within 2-3 weeks, pending stitches check up in five days.

Be safe out there.