December Morn

Yes, I realize that Neil Diamond's song is actually titled September morn, but play along with me here. It's Monday morning and it's December 3.

December is always an interesting month to live through. The shopping centers and nearby streets and thoroughfares are nearly impassable with the dense shopper traffic. People's homes shine bright in a cacophony of little lights and ornaments. People wear brighter colors, and fun holiday themed attire at the most unexpected times.

My workplace is usually gearing up for the winter board of directors meeting in our office, the first Thursday and Friday of the month. It's all kick started by a staff and board dinner, which has been held at Harry Caray's for the past several years.

It's also the month when our office holiday party takes place. Our famed ornament exchange is always a riot. The first person picks an ornament from the pile, opens it, and the next number is called. The person then has the choice of stealing the ornament already opened, or open one up from the pile. And so on thereafter. The stealing is sometimes hilarious as there are a few favorite ornaments that get stolen often by many, going in a bit of a vicious circle until someone opens up a new gift, pretty much. My face hurts from laughing after we're done with this exercise in holiday craziness  Sometimes we have games to guess holiday trivia and songs. We then have a staff lunch and get dismissed early for the day. I wonder what it will be like this yaer.

We also used to exchange presents within departments at this time, but things have changed as staff members have left, been reorganized, and new staff joined us. I am just going to write up e-cards this year to the staff in the department I work in. I bought a hallmark subscription and need to get some ROI out of it, as I'm already feeling guilty about having spent the money earlier this year.

This year, it'll also be the day our new website and database system kick off. So I am a little nervous, but excited at how much friendlier and neater looking the new system and website will be for users.

I hate early December, but I hope it will be a quiet month thereafter. I hope to go see some movies, see some light displays, eat some yummy but healthful comfort food. I also hope to put up my little holiday tree with last year's felt ornaments, and maybe a light or two in the front window and the rear balcony--like I usually do mid-month.

Cheers to December, and cheers to grandma's memory.