Laundry, How I Hate Thee!

I've been thinking lately: why is this laundry process so hard? I'm a smart woman, there's gotta be a better way to do this.

I have no idea how to go about developing a successful laundry strategy/tactic. I always, always, always end up with a huge pile of:

  • dirty clothes in the restroom
  • dirty clothes in the four-divider laundry basket in the laundry room
  • clean clothes over the dryer.

I have a wonderful, metal woven basket that I bought at Ikea especially to keep the laundry pile tidy in the master bedroom. It overflows all the time.

I asked for that cool, four-divider laundry basket for a Christmas gift long ago, and my mom obliged. It was pricey, but well worth it, I thought. Well, Even with paper labels over the wall to indicate which divider is colors, whites, and darks I still end up with cross-fed piles all over the place in the laundry. The large basket also makes it tough to open the laundry door all the way.

The problem with having a large capacity washer and dryer is that now, you have more stuff being washed and dried in need of putting away.

I've experimented with only washing my clothes and leaving his behind. The piles were just as bad. I've experimented with washing more often, but that results with the piles of clean clothes lingering on the dryer.

Reality check time: we just have TOO MUCH clothing for a household of two people--and only one person being told she's to do it because it's not a priority for the other person. I'm not sure when I was officially baptized a housewife but apparently that's the assumption. And I've been paring my wardrobe down quarterly, already, so... ahem.

I'll blame this situation on working full time (reduced time) and on living in a place which has four, distinct seasons (weather extremes require different clothing wardrobes).

I definitely don't want to pack things away, because out of sight/out of mind, and you end up buying more, rather than enjoying the reduced clutter.

But the important part is taking it one step at a time. One small change at a time. It'll come to me if I nibble one bite at a time rather than trying to eat the whole elephant at once.