Pining for...Pinterest

I have fallen deeply in love with Pinterest. My fascination started earlier this year when the service was finally opened to the masses, rather than just being a beta which required a recommendation from a current member to join.

One of the first ever pics that I pinned, was of a cute puppy sleeping belly up. I thought he had a cute belly button. After about 10 seconds worth of closer inspection, the next day, I was shocked to realize that wasn't his belly button ^_^* He's still cute tho. I'll spontaneously laugh remembering that instance, and am sure to do so for years to come.

In my early teens I used to be obsessed with cutting out fave TV show images from Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide and putting them up in my dedicated album. It seemed like the years between 1990 and 1994 were especially ripe with new television series. Alas, they would disappear from the airwaves just as soon as they'd start. Mann and Machine and The Young Indiana Jones are two examples. There were some good shows. I wonder what ever happened to my clippings album?

I used to also collect catalogs from retailers such as Crate and Barrel, NAPA Style, and This End Up. I fantasized what decor and artifacts would decorate my home once I was grown up. I used to leaf through those and then go to the basement to fire up the 3D Architect software and play around with home designs based on what I saw and what I dreamed.

Pinterest is a great way to exercise one's clipping mania, or O-C behavior, without creating a storage issue at one's residence. It's a spectacular tool. I love the layers of photographs that can help divulge and decipher people's inner personalities and hidden dreams. It's a lot of fun to follow friends and acquaintances for just this purpose--and for repinning their cool stuff as well, of course!